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Wood Scoops

Wood candy scoops:  Most are handcrafted work of art!  This type of candy scoop or spoon will last for years to come.  The rainbow candy scoop and candy spoon is inspired by the glorious colors of nature, the finest wood is hand-dyed , and laminated together to make this fabulous rainbow candy scoop.

  • Yellow: the color of fire, and the radiant energy of the sun. It represents happiness.
  • Red: the color of a ripe red apple and the life-giving fluid that flows through our veins. It represents love and spirit.
  • Blue: the color of the cool, clear sky or the vast ocean. It represents tranquility.

A perfect blend of functionality with aesthetics ~ the wood scoop adds warmth to your home or kitchen. Show pride in owning a wood candy scoop. Perfect for scooping coffee, flour, candy, raisins, and nuts or as a decorative piece!


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