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Got Candy ?  We sure do!

Need bulk candy by the pound?   Need candy in a certain color?   Need candy by name brand?   Need sugar FREE candy? Need a special occasion or theme? Only need lollipops or suckers?

Below you will find links to purchase bulk candy, candy in your colors, retro candy or your favorite brands.

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Candy Buffets: Boxes and Bags for take home favors.

Blue Candy = Hot Colors!blue candy are HOT colors = 5 or 10 pound bags.  Fresh and fruity flavor! Perfect for any event. Color as represented is as accurate as possible, depending on your video and/or monitor settings.    Made in the USA.
Lions, Tigers and BEARS, yes, BEARS..... Gummy candies are a HUGE hit at candy buffets. From bears to worms to sour gummy bugs, everyone loves a gummy. Sweet, chewy and good. Pick your gummy by color or by flavor. Gummy bears in all sizes. From individual 5 pound and 1 pound giant gummy bears to your favorite flavor of gummy bears in bulk. Gummy Candy.
Personalized candy bar wrappers.

Who said you have to settle for cheap wedding favors. Let your trendy side meet up with your bargaining side when you select your personalized wedding or bridal shower favors. Designs are great for a wide variety of wedding and bridal shower themes. Personalized candy bar wrappers are the perfect addition to your celebration. Elegance is the way to have your special candy wrappers.

Nostalgic Candy Retro Candies Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy = "Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean? The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?" Back To The Future? Why not go back, way back, back to a time where candy was "real" candy. Candy for kids. Kids at heart that is......
Candy on Stickswedding and event candy buffets = Rock Candy and Sugar Swizzle Sticks.  It's an old-fashioned treat that still rocks!  It`s versatile, too. Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks are the ultimate beverage stirrer. Rock Candy Crystals shimmer on candy buffets. They come in a rainbow of colors.
Albanese Rings and Gummy Candywedding and event candy buffets Gummy Bears = Fun, Fun, Fun.  Its delicious juicy gummy ring and Gummy Candies will have you wanting more. Loop your tongue through it and experience the sweet and sugary sensation. The bright colors work perfectly with a candy buffet setting your guests will love.  They come in many different colors. There are approximately 65 pieces in one pound.  These rings come unwrapped.  Made in the USA 
Nuts ! Salty goes with Sweet. Add nuts or seeds to your candy buffet for a salty treat. They go great with sweet and for guests who just might not want sugar. (go figure).  Hint:  don't forget chips dips and fresh fruit balls.
Personalize your M&M's Party Pack Now your favors can be as personal and beautiful as your wedding ? M&M'S® Candies. Find the one and only personalized wedding favor that will truly surprise your guests. Choose from our many elegant wedding favors including Silver Tins, and Mini Jars. Or order candy bulk, and create your own specialized party favors. Choose your candy by color to match your wedding theme from any of our 25 M&M'S® colors, add your names, the date, and even a picture of your smiling faces.
Candy in bulk. Candy by color. Candy by flavor. Candy, Candy, Candy: Have fun with your candy buffet by matching the color scheme of your event with candies. Shop by candy color or flavors. Looking for something special? You will find it here.
wedding and event candy buffets
Salt Water Taffy Over 70 different flavors! Choose by color or flavor. Candy In BULK ! When you need POUNDS, not just one bag.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beanswedding and event candy buffets Jelly Belly Jelly Beans the world's 1 gourmet jelly bean. Kosher too!

Fun Size - Miniatureswedding and event candy buffets Little candy bars and other types of little candies.  Bite-sized mini candy`s are extremely versatile.

Candy by Decades Looking for something from 19?? Candy Buttons?

Wedding Candy!wedding and event candy buffets Sweet! Match your colors for wedding favors, candy buffets, and yummy gifts!

Nostalgic Candy! Candy you ate as a kid and brings back childhood memories.

Shop by Candy Color!Candy By Color: wedding and event candy buffets Looking for all pink or blue? OR Your wedding colors are brown and green.

Shop by Candy Flavor!!! Don`t be distracted by licorice when your looking for butterscotch.

Sugar Free CandySugar Free Candy wedding and event candy buffets As yummy as the real thing.

Chocolate Assorted Colors Jordan Almonds Candy. wedding and event candy buffetsChocolate Bars: wedding and event candy buffets Personalized lolly-popPersonalized chocolate bars.Wedding Favors You can Eat

Personalized MY M&M'S® Candies   Free Shipping

F.A.Q.   Take Home Bags/Boxes  Candy Life & Storage   Measure Conversion Chart  Candy Coupons Reviews !

Q: How much candy should I purchase? A: I wish there was a hard fast rule to this question. Some say 1/4 LB per guest, others say 1/2 LB per guest. But it`s all about the way your candy looks. Plan by how you want the display to look, not how many guests are coming. Having enough candy is crucial in making your candy buffet look good. Here is a tip a bride told us: "Take your candy buffet bags/containers that the guests will be taking home with them to your local grocery store and fill them the types of candy you will have for your event. Then weigh them. Multiply by how many guests, then you will get an idea of the pounds."

Tip: Add something salty or sour: Yummy! Salt or sour GOES with SWEET. Your candy buffet doesn't have to be all candy. Add potato chips or pretzels maybe some sour balls. Fresh fruit and cheese work great as well.

Q: How can I cut costs on candy? A: Shop for candy after a holiday! Some candy will last a long time. Depending on your colors or theme, after holiday sales will save on candy costs. Don`t forget Sam`s Clubs, Cost Co, Smart & Final.

Q: How far in advance can I buy my candies( before they get hard) and how should I store them? I am planning on buy everything from yogurt covered raisins to chocolate and gummy.
A: Candy Life & Storage

Tip: If you don`t want your candy buffet table to look empty, you can put the same amount of candy in smaller containers rather than 2 or 3 large containers - more smaller containers LOOKS like more! Containers on different levels using books under a table cloth to create risers - very pleasing to the eye.

Q: I am planning everything myself, will my caterer do the set up? A: It never hurts to ask. If you purchase the candy, your caterer could add a candy buffet into your event. Also, there are companies that only set up candy buffets. Search online to see if there is a company or caterer close to you who set-up or will host a candy buffet for you.

F.Y.I. Hershey starts making the Halloween candy around Easter. :-)


  • It takes approximately 95 Hershey`s Kisses to equal one pound of chocolate.
  • One plain milk chocolate candy bar has more protein than a banana.
  • The average person will consume 10,000 chocolate bars in a lifetime.
  • A study shows: When men crave food, they crave fat and salt. When women crave food, they crave chocolate.
  • 1940: The Mars company invents M&M`s for soldiers going to World War II.
  • Mike and Ike brand candies are Kosher.
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