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Everything You Need 4 Candy Buffets
Resturant Tongs, Ladles, Scoops
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Candy Tongs:  Scoops can not scoop sticky candies such as gummy candy or licorice.  For candy buffet items that stick, using a tong makes dishing up your sweets, sweet.  Tongs are perfect for use with candy buffet, salad bar, appetizer's, cheese tray, chocolate covered items like pretzels, potato chips, strawberries too.
Tongs come in many different colors, materials and sizes.  Stainless steel tongs look shinny and smooth.  Acrylic tongs look like glass even though they are plastic.  Tong in clear, red black, or white will add color to your buffet.  Rainbow wood tongs, make a splash!  Cooking utensils and tools for your kitchen.  Medical Marijuana tongs. Restaurant Supplies Store
Candy tethers. 

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