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Wrist Coil Key Chain with Keyring Individual by Color

Wrist Coil Spiral Keyring


Don't lose your keys. Wrist coil key chain fits comfortably over your wrist. Works like a telephone cord. Carry your keys on your wrist for work, or playing. The coil expands to fit on your wrist or ankle and springs back.

  • 8 Happy Colors Available
  • Coil diameter: 2-3/4" (un-stretched)
  • Will stretch to over 8"
  • Diameter of individual coil loop: .500" (1/2")
  • Thickness (gauge) of coil: .135"
  • Wrist Coil key chains are available in happy colors
  • Include a 7/8" split key ring
  • Material: Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)

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