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Coiled marker tether with adhesive pad. Marker laynards. Slencil Riveto Coiled Marker tether with cap.

Dry Erase / Pen / Marker Tethers
ID: WM411-U4-M375


Cap slides on to dry erase caps or barrel end, friction grips and hangs on like Chinese handcuffs.  Adhesive pad is 1 1/2 round, peel and stick it to any smooth, clean, dry surface. Small cap fits thin "fine tip" markers. (Small Cap Tip: Cut off pen holder "clip" to slide onto cap easily) Medium cap fits fatter "Expo" like dry erase markers / Sharpie Highlighters.  (see images) Make sure where you want to place adhesive pad. When it is stuck, it sticks. Non removable.

You spend good money on a "White Board" and love to use it for your daily specials.  But again, where is the darn dry erase marker. Those pesky markers get lost or taken or miss-placed.  Tether It, Don't Lose It!  

Great for your food counter, deli counter, hospitals, nurse station, special boards, classroom, bar and so much more, anywhere there is a white board, there needs to be a dry erase marker tether.  Never lose your dry erase marker, pen, pencil or stylist again.

  • 3.5 inch Tether = 36 inches expanded
  • Overall length = 7.5 inches
  • Adhesive Pad 1.5 round
  • Black 
  • Small Cap = 0.375 or 3/8 inside diameter
  • Medium Cap = 0.687 or 11/16 inside diameter
  • NOT meant to hold heavy weight
  • Non removable
  • No Minimum Order
  • Made in USA

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