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Candy Bar Scoops and Tongs

Ahhhhh.......Candy.....Who doesn't love candy? Thinking of a wedding candy buffet for your wedding reception? Need a coffee scoop? Looking for different small scoops? How about a colorful plastic shovel for a "beachy theme". (most under $5)

It's a new and fun trend, "The Wedding Candy Buffet". They add fun and color to any wedding. All it takes is some old fashioned glass candy jars, candy scoops and bulk candy to coordinate with your color scheme. Using retro candy or "candy I ate as a kid" brings back all types of memories. Come on in.....look around we have a buffet of scoops, shovels, ladles and spoons. (Don't forget your pets! Large Scoops and feeding scoops.)

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Wedding Candy Buffet Scoops : Tongs : Ladles : Over 80 to choose from! 

Scoop - noun- "a ladle or ladle like utensil, esp. a small, deep-sided shovel with a short, horizontal handle, for taking up flour, sugar, candy, etc."