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Mini Silver Plated Plastic Scoop. Candy Scoop

Mini Replacement Candy Scoops
ID: 6666

$0.99 $1.75

Replacement candy scoop for your mini candy dispenser. These scoops are MINI ~ TINY. (under one ounce) Our M&M test: This scoop will scoop 6 regular size M&M's

This candy scoop are "MINI" replacements for your classic mini and double-decker mini candy dispensers. They are plastic that look like metal. (Silver Plated Plastic Scoop) They are MINI. Purchase Mini Candy Dispensers

  • Mini - Small, less then 1 oz.
  • 1 1/4 W x 3 1/2 L ~ Overall
  • Handle is 1 1/4 Long
  • Silver Plated Plastic Scoop
  • Hand Wash, ONLY
  • UPS 700621453321
  • Can not be returned
  • No Minimum Order
  • Candy not included

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