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6 inch forest green acrylic ladle.

Ladles - 8.5 inch (3 colors)
ID: 2010-G


Candy ladle with 6 inch handle. Now available in 3 colors! 

Healthy and Hygienic With this Ladle Spoon, your hands and fingers will no longer touch candy as you are getting a scoop or two. A long handle and custom designed bend on the tip ensures your ladle will not submerge or disappear in your container.

What’s more, we feature a unique one-piece construction without seams or joints to keep your Restaurant Buffet Ladle free from dirt and bacteria growth.

Perfect for multi-use:  Whether you want to scoop candy from tall jars conveniently or you are looking for the perfect ladle for your planned buffet or upcoming party, or you want to add more kitchenware to your cutlery set, this Buffet is well suited for all your needs.

Our unique and stylish design makes this Buffet Ladle perfect for use at home, in hotels restaurants or catering companies. 

This ladle's scoop is 3/4 ounce and will reach into tall candy containers. A handy kitchen item with many uses after your event. Available in Clear, Green, Red or White. Serving ladles resist heat up to 212 Degree F (100 Degree C).

Restaurant Supply Food Prep: Green - Fruits and Vegetables, Blue - Cooked Foods, Red - Raw Meat, White - Dairy, Yellow - Uncooked Poultry.
  • 3/4 Ounce
  • Green, Red or White Ladles
  • Ladle "bowl" is 2 5/16 wide
  • Handle 6 inches Long, excluding bend
  • Overall, ladle is 8 1/2 inches Long
  • NSF
  • Polycarbonate One Piece
  • Hand Wash, ONLY
  • No Minimum Order

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