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K-Cup Refilling Scoop K-Cup, k cup, DIY single serving coffee cup brewing.

K-Cup Refill Scoop
ID: K18-Lime

$0.99 $1.21

Introducing the K-Cup Refill Scoop! With its lime green hue, it'll stand out in your kitchen and help you save some green. Simply use the scoop to fill up your K-Cup and watch the savings (and caffeine) add up! Get the scoop on savings now!

New K-Cup refill scoop!  Refill your K-Cup or Keurig coffee cups using this handy coffee scoop and your own coffee.  Two scoops will fill your K-Cup.  Save money and landfills.  DIY k cup refills.  Easy to do - kcup refilling with your favorite coffee. K-Cups, K-Mug, and K-Carafe pods. 

DIY How To:  Rinse and dry your k-cup, fill with your favorite coffee using two level scoops.  Tap down coffee after first scoop, using back of scoop, then scoop in second scoop of coffee.  Cover with foil and your recycled k-cup is ready to use again.

  • 18 cc exact measure
  • 1 13/32 wide, 57/64 deep and 4 3/4 Long
  • Lime Green
  • Meets FDA Standards
  • Polypropylene
  • UPC: 799559584740
  • No Minimum Order
  • Made in the USA

Why should I refill my K cups? A: Billions of K-cups that end up in landfills. Unfortunately, K-cups are not recyclable.

Save $$$ A: K-cups pre-filled are expensive, save $$ by filling your own. You can use your favorite coffee and make them stronger if you like.

How can I reuse my K-cup? A: First take off the top and empty out all the coffee. Rinse and turn upside down to dry completely. Second, add your favorite coffee of choice using our handy scoop, (2 scoops) then top off with some foil. (you might have to double the foil so it is thicker) You are ready to make a cup of joe.

"Not only is this the perfect little scoop for my K-cup refill cup.....but the seller is AWESOME! How to you turn an ordinary scoop into a make me smile kind of day......well first you carefully wrap it up in tissue paper, close the tissue wrapping with a pretty sticker that says thank you, and then you send it off to arrive really quickly. Thank you seller......great scoop....sweet surprise!   Katie - WI"

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