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Build a tether. Made in USA.  Slencil tetherite USA Riveto Mfg. Co.

Build a Kevlar Tether
ID: WM-Custom-Kevlar-Tethers

$7.84 $12.34

Tether It, Don't Loose It!  Coiled Kevlar lanyard. Build your own custom tether. Regular tethers expand 10 inches past their size, so if you order 3 inch, it expands to 30 inches.  Kevlar coils expand but do NOT stretch. Inside the coil is High Performance Kevlar thread so the coil will NOT stretch past it's length.  The LEFT side of tether connects to the bin, table, shelf, container, etc.  The Right side of tether connect to the item, pen, dry-erase marker, scoop, tong, etc. 

Tons of standard colors to choose from, as long as it is black.

Special Orders =   Custom Kevlar Tethers Lanyards.

3 inch dry-erase marker tether, with adhesive anchoring pad on one end and a cinchable loop on the other. Connect a scoop to a food bin. Keep tools from walking away - drill bit keys.  So many uses for a tether. Cameras, hand held devices, binoculars, pepper spray, diving, GoPro and more. Tether it, don't loose it!

100% custom tethers.  Lead time 14-30 days. Made in the USA.

  • Kevlar Coil expands, but does NOT stretch.
  • Only available in black.
  • Split Rings work great with scoops that already have hole. 
  • Binder ring snaps apart (just like a note book binder)
  • Adhesive Pad for attaching to flat surface.
  • Cinch Loop for items with no hole.
  • Terminal Ring works well when a screw will hold tether in place.
  • String End to attach to Stylist, Camera, Wepons, Diving Gear
  • Special Ends avaliable.  Carabiners
  • Made in the USA

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