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16 oz. Scoops

16 oz. Scoops
ID: 161616-G


16 oz. scoops in colors: Red, White.

Great for large scooping. Pet food, cat litter, potting soil. Durable plastic.  But these scoops isn't just for ice - dish out the perfect amount of popcorn at your concession stand, or use as a mess-free baking scoop to measure out raw ingredients like flour and sugar - no matter what your needs are, these versatile scoops are up to the task. With a hanging slot conveniently built into the handle, storage is easy, so your scoop is never in the way! The smooth, seamless plastic design allows for easy cleaning, so no bacteria or ingredients build up and get left behind. Featuring a comfortable handle and durable high density polyethylene plastic construction, these scoops are useful additions to any bar, restaurant, bakery, candy store, or home kitchen.

Food Prep: Green - Fruits and Vegetables, Blue - Cooked Foods, Red - Raw Meat, White - Dairy, Yellow - Uncooked Poultry.

  • 16 oz = 2 cups = 1 pint
  • Colors: Red,  White
  • Round Bowl With Hole Handle
  • 10 inches long, 3.5 wide and 2.5 deep
  • Made of Food Grade Polyethylene
  • Hole in handle
  • Hand Wash, ONLY
  • No Minimum Order

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