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Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Mini's? I Will Tell You Why.

Candy Buffet Guru

Mini this mini that.  Mini or toy dogs, little houses, mini food..... What is going on with all the tiny / mini stuff?  Here is the answer.  Because they are cute, damn cute.  Plus, if you are having an event, mini gifts are cost effective!  Period.

So many to choose from and not enough time.  Mini shot mason jars, mini candy bars with personalized labels, mini test tubes, mini paint pails, mini cocktail shakers, mini candy dispensers, mini scoops.....they are just so darn-tootin' cute.  Fill with candy, bath salts, nuts, seeds and so much more

Mini test tubes.  Mini wooden barrels  Mini Kisses with personalized lables. mini paint pails  mini with private lables

They are so much more now.  Not the wedding favor that you take or WORSE, leave on the table.  These mini creatures are fun, cost effective and so cute.  Who wouldn't want a mini on their desk at work with mini M&M's in them?  Seriously.

Everybody LOVES candy.

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