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Candy Scoops and Your Local Landfill

Randi Kay K-Cups Recycle Scoops

Candy Scoops and Your Local Landfill

So have we lost our marbles?  Candy scoops and a landfill?   Who doesn't fantasize about a world made of candies?  You can have a candy jar sitting on your desk at work.  Candy brings back childhood memories.  Using a candy scoops will keep fingers or dirty hands out. But we bet you drink coffee......... What does a candy scoop have in common with a landfill?  No, we haven't lost our marbles........  One word.  K-Cups.  How many of you reading this use a Keurig?  or a coffee maker that uses k-cups?  Unfortunately, K-cups are not recyclable.  How many 1,000's are...

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