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Do You Want To Dance?

Randi Kay wedding ceremonies

So you want to dance at your event?

Your first dance as husband and wife.  Will you dance like you did in high school? Or will you WOW your guests with a few moves? During your first dance at your wedding reception you will have everyone's eyes and attention. What will get your guest hootin', hollering and clapping will be a very simple thing.......

What will that take? Not much, just a few moves. It can be a grand finish with a big "dip", or a few box steps. A couple of dance lessons will do wonders: for one, your footwork, second, your confidence if your not a dancer, three, your guests will LOVE it.

On YouTube, you can watch a few choreographed first dance video's which are tons of fun, but you don't have to go to that extreme.

A wedding reception with friends, family, costs thousands. A romantic, intimate dance between husband and wife, priceless.

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Your First Dance.  First dance at your wedding as husband and wife.  Newlyweds first dance as husband and wife.  Wedding Dance. - Relationships Blogs

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