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So you want to purchase candy online?

Here are a few helpful items to consider.  Time of year.  Hard candy VS chocolate.  When ordering your candy online, please, PLEASE go to the websites shipping information page!  It will save you time and disappointment.

First, let talk about what season it is.  If you place your candy order during the colder months, you should be OK.  But keep in mind when it is warm, not hot, but warm out, you will need to Express ship or make SURE the company ships with ice/cold packs. Hard candy ships well, but it too can melt.  If hard candy is wrapped, and sits in the heat, it becomes a hard candy goooie mess.  It might not melt, but it sure will be hard to get out of the wrapper.

Chocolate on the other hand (taffy, gummy, and wax candies) can end up at your door, and we mean at your door for a long time.  Even if it's in the 70's, you will have a melted or soft mess on your hands.  This is where an ice/cold pack comes in.  Now, some websites have special boxes that will retain cold packs when shipped during the warm seasons.  Most will have you choose Express Shipping as your method of delivery.

Remember, UPS, FedEx and the USPS, will not give a HOOT to leave your package at your front door.  Say you are at work, it could sit for hours.  Their trucks are not air conditioned! 

We just had a candy company send us samples.  Yep, chocolate.  It arrived via UPS, and we are a business so we were here when it arrived.  It was in the upper 70's this day.  We opened the box, which was sent UPS Ground.  The bags looked oily, and some of the chocolate was squished.  When we opened the bag, the candy, which had a hard shell, (like an M&M)  looked ok, but the minute you touched it, splat.

Save peace of mind, ask/read HOW WILL MY ORDER BE SHIPPED, first.  During the planning of your event, the LAST thing you need is a molten mess of candy on your hands. 


Everybody LOVES candy.

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